Have you ever wondered who God created you to be? The Deeper Why Ministries can help you identify your unique purpose and give you many tools to unfold your true potential. If you want to follow God’s purpose for your life, it is essential that you understand first the difference between your thoughts and His thoughts. The Deeper Why specializes in fixing one’s thought process with truth and fellowship so that you can find long-term joy regardless of your circumstances.


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Who Are You?

Do you feel confident you know who God created you to be and that you are living the life He planned for you? We can help you identify your unique purpose and give you tools to unfold your true potential. We will help you understand why you act the way you do and feel the way you do, and will help you flow more intentionally in the way God designed and destined you to operate.

Discovering Your Beliefs

Do you feel confident in your beliefs to the point you can explain what you believe and why? Do you get frustrated when someone says they believe something you know is unhealthy for them but you don’t know how to help them? Follow sixty key and critical words and definitions that will determine what your worldview is and help you identify how close it is to a Biblical worldview.


Life's Q&A's

Deep Issues

The Novella

A Healthier Thought Process

Do you feel confident in the decisions you make every day? Do you feel confident that you are on the right path in life? Everything we do is an effect of how we think, therefore it is important to have a healthy thought process. These sections will dive into the deeper issues in life and how to improve the way you think and see the world around you.


The Bible Commentary

Genesis Podcasts

Understanding The Bible

Do you feel confident in understanding the Bible when you read it? Do you lose interest when reading it? Do you wonder if it really is true? You now have access to a commentary that will guide you through a deeper explanation as you read through the Bible that is not just about what the Bible says but rather focuses on principles that show why things occur and how things occur throughout the Bible stories.